19-06-2017 – Lakshmi Kalyaanam


19-06-2017 – Lakshmi Kalyaanam Vijay TV Serial

Lakshmi Is Disheartened Lakshmi worries about the outcomes of fulfilling Rajeshwari’s demand. Rajeshwari tells Chandran that she will never let Kalyaan learn that she is his stepmother.Rajeshwari Threatens Lakshmi Rajeshwari meets Lakshmi and Swathi at the hospital. She threatens Lakshmi saying that Swathi’s life will be affected if she acts against her wish. What will Lakshmi do? Kalyaan Is Shattered Lakshmireaches the hospital to remove her uterus while a drunk Murthy reveals Rajeshwari’s evil plans to Kalyaan!